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PHP Form Builder is a standalone desktop application that allows you to create any desired PHP form (contact, employment, support, billing, etc.), containing all types of information field (text boxes, lists, upload fields, countries of the world, email box, etc.). The PHP Form Builder includes numerous amazing features, such as the ability to build single step, or multi-step forms (with Next and Previous buttons) and the ability to add a confirmation page.

PHP Form Builder is an application that you can install on your own PC which enables you to generate your PHP forms from scratch, and with its handy interface that is very easy to use, and its compatibility with all versions of Windows, this application appeals to novices, right through to more advanced users.
The appearance of the PHP forms that are created can also be customized to suit your needs. You can upload a CSS file, or create the forms in your very own style, by making use of the very user friendly CSS editor.

Once you have created your ideal PHP form, this can be uploaded to your server, where your visitors have the chance to complete the form, and are then given the opportunity to check the information entered before submitting the form. This simple feature can save a lot of time for the administrator as there will be less incorrect information on the submitted forms, and more importantly, it can save your visitor from frustration.

The integration of the form to your website could not be easier either, through the ability to set the header, footer, left and right panel of the form to match your page.

PHP Form Builder is the tool you need to create, professional feeling and looking forms, for data capture from your website visitors, with the minimum of fuss.

System requirements:

PHP Form Builder is compatible with any version of Windows, and the generated PHP forms can work on ANY server (Windows, Mac and Linux) that has PHP installed on it.

Key Features
• A powerful, yet easy to use, dynamic form creation application.
• Unlimited number of forms.
• Unlimited number of fields.
• The ability to save your work, and open it to resume later.
• Ability to create multi-step forms.
• Very customizable appearance.
Q. What are the main differences between PHP Form Builder and the other form tools?
A. PHP form builder is not a PHP script. It is an application that you can install on your own PC which enables you to generate PHP forms that you can then upload to your server page.
-With PHP Form Builder you can generate a form from scratch.
FAQ about PHP Form builder