The main features of PHP Form Builder:

  PHP Form Builder is a desktop application that you can install on your own PC, to generate unlimited number of PHP forms, which you can then use in any web server.
  The ability to build unlimited number of forms from scratch.
  All the different form fields that you could possibly need, to build a professional form, are supported.
  The ability to set a confirmation message to display to the visitor, after submission of the form.
  The ability for the user to view a confirmation page, with all entered data, for review before submission.
  The ability to create single or multi-step forms.
  The ability to send an email to the website owner, with all the submitted data (Form to Mail style).
  The ability to send auto responder emails to your visitors.
  The ability to save the submitted data as a text file.
  Advanced form validation mechanism.
  The ability to customize the forms appearance.
  The ability to set header, footer, right panel and left panel to enable easy integration of the forms into your website.
All field types that you can possibly need, plus more, are supported in PHP Form Builder. These include:
  Text box
  Select Menu
  Multi Select Menu
  World Countries List
  US States List
  Email Box
  URL Box
  Full Name Box
  Zip Code Box
  Text Area
  Social Security Number Box
  Cell Phone Box
  Fax and Phone Box
  Date Calendars
  Hoppies List
  Job Types List
  Check Box
  Check Boxes Group
  Radio Button
  File Upload
  Image Upload